For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Does Red Top Cheesecakes only sell cheesecakes?

No, cheesecakes are not our only items.  We also sell various types of breads and other baked goods, such as cookies, brownies, and toffee.  We also offer several breakfast items such as kolaches, cinnamon rolls & breakfast tacos (Fridays & Saturdays only!).

Does Red Top Cheesecakes only sell whole cheesecakes or do you sell by the slice, too?

Yes, we sell both!  Visit our store to see what flavors by the slice we have available today!

Do you offer gluten free or sugar free products?

Yes, we do, but by request only.   However, please note that our gluten free offerings are more for those making the choice to be gluten free, not for those with serious gluten allergies.  Call us for pricing!

Do you have a list of the ingredients in your products, for those with food allergies?

Yes, at the bottom of each product page you’ll notice a separate tab that includes the ingredients we put in our cheesecakes and other goods.

What if I don't see a cheesecake flavor that I would like?

If you don’t see a cheesecake flavor, or other product, that you would like, just let us know and we can take it into consideration for a future menu item.

Do you offer shipping?

We do offer shipping, but currently, this is only available for our cookies, toffees, and breads.  We do hope to be able to offer shipping for cheesecakes and pies in the near future, but only as long as we can keep the quality the same as out in-store products.